Dr. Islam Jusufi, 
Lecturer, Department of Political Science and International Relations 
Epoka University, 
Tirana, Albania.

Address: Rruga Tiranë-Rinas, Km 12, 1039, Tirana/Albania
Phone: +355 4 22 32 086
Fax: +355 4 22 22 177
E-mail: ijusufi@epoka.edu.al 
Web: http://www.epoka.edu.al
Personal website: 

Biography: Islam Jusufi is Lecturer of the Political Sciences and International Relations at Epoka University, Tirana, Albania. He served as Head of Department of Political Science and International Relations at Epoka University (2016-2020) and as the Head of Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Board of Epoka University (2016-2018). Studied Politics at University of Sheffield and International Relations at Universities of Amsterdam, Bilkent and Ankara. He worked as Assistant National Security Adviser to the President Trajkovski of North Macedonia (2001-2005) and as adviser to the European Union (2005-2015). He is a founder of Analytica think tank in Skopje. He held fellowships at the Wilson Centre, Washington DC; EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris; ERSTE Stiftung, Vienna; UNESCO, Paris; Centre for Policy Studies, Budapest; and NATO, Brussels. His research interests relate to international, European and Balkan politics and security studies. He is appointed as alternate of the Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government in the Council of Europe.